Doggie Delights, LLC

Doggie Delights, LLC Gourmet Dog Treats are baked and hand decorated, with love, to ensure a beautiful and delicious snack. We only select wholesome, high quality, flavorful ingredients, which dogs crave. Our treats are all natural and do not contain artificial preservatives, colors, or by-products. We guarantee these scrumptious treats will keep your dog beggin' for more!

bacon cheese beggar

Say Cheese

These bite sized treats are perfect for your meat-loving pooch. Made with uncured bacon and sharp cheddar cheese, these grain-free treats ensure a delicious bacon cheeseburger flavor that dogs can’t resist!

Say Cheese

Say Cheese

This crunchy biscuit utilizes sharp cheddar cheese and whole oats for a delicious treat. The irresistible flavor was designed to satisfy every pooch!

Paw Lickin Peanut

Paw Lickin Peanut

A blend of peanuts and honey - baked with all the love and care you would expect. The end result is a treat that is delicious and easy to chew. A great treat for any dog.

Cravin’ Coconut (Grain Free)

Cravin' Coconut

This grain free treat will tempt your pooch with the natural sweetness of coconut and honey. Perfect for those grain sensitive tummies, this tropical treat will take your dog to paradise.

An Apple A Day (Grain Free)

An Apple A Day

You know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the vet away.” Well, these grain free treats are full of delicious apple sauce and just a hint of peanut butter; a combination that your companion will find irresistible.

perfectly pumpkin

Perfectly Pumpkin

Loaded with pumpkin, this is the perfect biscuit! Your pooch will have a lot to be thankful for after tasting this blend of pumpkin and spices similar to pumpkin pie. Topped with dog friendly yogurt drizzle makes for the perfect treat.

banana nut biscotti (SEASONAL)

Banana Nut Biscotti

Full of bananas and peanuts, this delicious treat will conquer any sweet-canine tooth. Finished with a carob icing, this biscotti makes any dog a happy dog indeed.